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Have you ever felt let down by other people or by God? Do you ever wonder why people always seem to disappoint you, or why they never measur

But God

During this teaching series, we’ll remind ourselves of ways in which God came through for others and will do the same for us. BUT GOD!

The Vault

Join us this summer as we revisit some teachings that are worth another airing. There’s a lot of Bible truth stored in THE VAULT.

When Pigs Fly

Join us for our new teaching series WHEN PIGS FLY and strengthen your faith in the One who is bigger than the greatest of life's obstacles -


In this series we're looking at the life of Joseph in the Bible, a man who experienced devastating lows and incredible highs, guided by one

The Good News

Now and again it's good to remind ourselves that the incredible love God has for us


The miracle of the resurrection has led to billions of people since finding new life, eternal life through Jesus.

40 Days of Prayer

We're going to look at where to start praying, how to pray in a crisis, why God doesn't answer at times and a number of other related topics

God First

The Bible says if we put God first everything else works out. We figured it would be a good idea to start the new year at Genesis by taking

Great Expectations

Join us this Christmas season as we look at dealing with disappointment by embracing the Hope Of The World.


The heart of all Christianity brings to our world is a set of values that is centuries old - The Apostles Creed.


US is a three week series that explores what matters to us at Genesis and why.

Small Things, Big Difference

Let's learn how to embrace intentionality in our new teaching series - Small Things, Big Differences.

Real Life Real Faith (Book of James)

Our five week look into the book of James.

In This House

Join us on Sundays as we unpack this teaching series together.


Easter 2017


Everyone loves a good story and there has never been a greater storyteller than Jesus.


Join us Sundays as we unpack timeless truths in our next teaching series DAVID - THE MAN GOD CHOSE

I Choose

There might be more on the line than you thought when you say “I Choose.”

Then Jesus Came

Celebrate the miracle of renewed life with us this Christmas.

In-N-Out Church

In & Out Burger-one of the most successful burger chains.How do you develop that in church, one that people can't wait to visit?

What On Earth Am I Here For?

WHAT ON EARTH AM I HERE FOR? It's the bestselling book of all time, apart from The Bible and we're going to be digging into it every Sunday.

Giving & Forgiving

So how should Christ followers be? Giving and forgiving. We're going to talk about that at Genesis Church on August 28th and September 4th.

Go For Gold

As everyone's attention turns to Rio this Summer, we're reminding ourselves that life's like a race according to the Bible.

John (Cubed)

Join us as we dig into 1,2, & 3 John this summer.

Civil War

The Bible makes it clear we are in a spiritual battle. In this series we'll be looking at how to overcome our adversaries and win this war.

Genesis Church

Stand-alone messages from the pastoral team and visiting ministry at Genesis Church.


There are a lot of different ways to express our worship and during this series we'll look at a few.


In our series LIES we expose devastating thought patterns and look at the truth, God's truth.

Braggers & Bringers

In the two weeks leading up to Easter we're going to look at some proven Biblical ways to help them encourage others to experien